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Beacon Partners can provide a range of management services including growth management, crisis and interim management, restructuring advisory services either in or out of bankruptcy, business process improvements, and general management consulting. Most importantly, the principals of the firm can draw upon a wide range of experiences, drawn from diverse industries, to introduce fresh insights for your company and to create an environment which fosters new thinking.

Growth management

Managing growth is a constant challenge for any business—and a key component of its intrinsic value. In some cases, companies struggle to grow their revenues or earnings. In other cases, some companies face the daunting task of keeping up with growing demand for their products and cannot afford to let their resources, capacities, management skills, marketing tools, or business process fall behind. In either case, growth is the question and the answer. Our experience in underperforming situations gives us an additional perspective on matters of growth, and a diversity of solutions. If you seek to jump start your top line, accelerate growth, or find new ways to keep apace, Beacon Partners can help.

Interim and crisis management

Beacon Partners principals have served in key management roles such as interim CEO, COO or CFO. The challenge in such situations is to quickly assess challenges, risks and opportunities, and to take decisive action. Our principals have been there—in the trenches—helping client companies through times of trouble, change, or crisis.

Restructuring advisory

In providing restructuring advisory services, Beacon Partners has developed strategies to avoid chapter filings as well as guiding companies through the difficult process of restructuring.

Business process management

Now more than ever, aligning your business strategy and your business processes and technology is essential. No business can afford to leave opportunities unrealized or risks unidentified. You need to get the right answers—regarding your operations, financial performance, competitors, and market environment—at the right time. As one example, companies both large and small can suffer from information overload that results in knowledge starvation. Too much data and not enough information. At Beacon Partners, we have the experience to know which questions to ask and the expertise to align strategy with tactical systems to get the answers.

General management consulting

Our seasoned principals have long experience in management: fixing day-to-day problems, removing barriers to growth, developing and implementing new strategies, facilitating business planning, developing advanced performance measures, and providing guidance and support to team members. We have worked with companies struggling with cash management and financial controls to remain in compliance with bank covenants; provided key, industry-specific expertise to underperforming companies; and helped owners and senior management develop succession plans for greater stability. We have also served on boards of directors and advisory boards.



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